SC Lien Law – Passed!

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed 2014′s first piece of legislation meant to improve self storage laws.  The two-plus year effort was led by the Self Storage Association, with the South Carolina SSA and lobbyist McGuire Woods of Columbia. Among other provisions, the new law enables email and first class letters as opposed to only…

Globe Feature

Lindsey Self Storage Group has officially been featured in its first national publication! Lindsey Self Storage Group can be found in the November issue of the National Self Storage Association’s “Globe” commenting on management and security within the self storage industry.

President’s Circle Award

I am very proud to announce that a facility managed by Lindsey Self Storage Group (Greenwave Self Storage, Summerville, SC) received the President’s Circle Award yesterday at the Self Storage Association of South Carolina Fall Conference for exceeding industry standards in excellence!

For more information on the award, please visit 

New Self Storage Lien Law Effective October 1, 2013!

North Carolina has recently joined the ranks of states seeking favorable updates to laws that govern the industry, as Governor Pat McCrory (pictured above) signed a new self storage industry lien law (HB 243) that will go into effect October 1, 2013. The self storage lien law is located at North Carolina General Statutes sections 44A.40 to 44A.46. The self storage late fee law is at 66.306. As mentioned in the August 2013 Edition of the SSA Globe, the updates are as follows:

10 Reasons Why Self Storage Is The Only Real Estate Investment You Should Ever Make

While I could go on for days about Self Storage, here are just ten of my many beliefs about why Self Storage ownership is the only real estate investment you should ever make.

1. Self Storage is the only real estate investment that you can lock tenants out, generally within 5-6 days, if they do not pay.

You have this right in most states as long as you follow the state statutes for self storage.

If you do not have some background experience with apartment, office, shopping centers, and residential rentals you cannot appreciate this very, very important feature of self storage. With other real estate investments it sometimes takes weeks or months, even with the best of legal advice, to remove tenants.

2. Self Storage is the only real estate investment that by state statutes an owner can sell a tenant’s goods in most states if they don’t pay within 57 days.

The time frame is usually around 57 days from the due date of last payment if you follow most state statutes for Self Storage. This is mostly done without legal assistance.

Self-Storage Association Fall Convention

The annual fall convention (September 5-7) for the National Self Storage Association, hosted in Las Vegas, NV, was booming with activity this year as a promising line up of panels, discussions, and presenters delivered some of today’s hottest and most debated topics in the self-storage industry. With people in attendance from as close as down the street from the convention hall, to Taiwan and Japan, there was no shortage of spectrum in opinion being brought to the table. Below, in my opinion, is the more notable topic covered during the week and the discussion surrounding it.