Debunking the Myth: Lessons from Millennial Self-Storage Professionals

Debunking the Myth: Lessons from Millennial Self-Storage Professionals  John Lindsey and Natalie Bragg (of Storelocal) presented to both the Large Owners Council and the Self Storage Association this past week in Las Vegas at the SSA 2016 Fall Conference and Trade Show. ———————————– Lazy. Entitled. Narcissistic. Do these three words sum up your thoughts on millennials?…

Dallas Self Storage

Everything is Bigger in Texas!

Yes, even the self storage shows! A year and a half ago, following 2014 SSA Fall Conference and Trade Show, I wrote about the new levels of ecstatic energy around the industry after climbing out of what seemed like a bottomless pit for some trailing the late 2000’s. In fact, I even asked in my article following…

Self-Storage Association Fall Convention

The annual fall convention (September 5-7) for the National Self Storage Association, hosted in Las Vegas, NV, was booming with activity this year as a promising line up of panels, discussions, and presenters delivered some of today’s hottest and most debated topics in the self-storage industry. With people in attendance from as close as down the street from the convention hall, to Taiwan and Japan, there was no shortage of spectrum in opinion being brought to the table. Below, in my opinion, is the more notable topic covered during the week and the discussion surrounding it.